About AWEC

Our vision

Empowered communities that co-exist with the environment for sustainable development

Our Mission


To promote water and environment conservation, capacity building, economic empowerment and infrastructure development through participatory approaches for the well being of women, men, youth around Conservation Areas of Uganda

AWECS Core Values

  • Integrity- striving to operate to the highest standards of professionalism, honest and transparency
  • Innovative- to be innovative in all our work
  • Team work- Working as a team to take advantage of our strengths, skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration– with partners of the same ideas
  • Accountability; to be answerable to the communities we serve, the donors and the partners for the funds and services.
  • Effectiveness to ensure value for money
  • Sustainability: by increasing the capacity of communities to become self-reliant in managing their own programs.

Our Approach


Community engagement:

actively engagement in identification of challenges related to access to safe water, sanitation, hygiene and health in their area and recommend local solutions



Children are agents of change


Capacity building

promotion of  appropriate technologies in schools and communities that are adoptable.

Our Objectives

  • Our objectives are charitable and non-profit oriented and they include:
  • Promotion of sustainable water use, environmental restoration, and management practices
  • Population, Health and Environment integrated planning
  • Knowledge on Sanitation and Hygiene in Local Communities and school increased
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Economic Empowerment through VSLA, increased  land use options (for Problem Animal affected communities